10.06.2020 | Montenegro

S&T as a Part of a Consortium in the Project for New Identification Documents

Biometric IDs and passports

It has been published that the consortium of Mühelbauer ID Service Gmbh Germany, Mühelbauer Gmbh & Co, KG Germany and S&T Montenegro received a bid prepared by the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro in the public procurement procedure for the system for personalization of personal identification documents and blank ID forms.

The project was realized in the period from 2019 and 2020, and the first passports were issued in January.

The most important novelty is that the new identification documents are enriched with biometric data and are made according to the most modern standards of production of identification documents.
The assumption is that the identity card will be a universal identification document, and that it will significantly replace additional proof of identity in health care or the Tax Administration.