06.09.2011 | Poland

S&T Poland: Largest ERP project in Public Administration

The main goal of the project implementation is to improve the performance of courts in the area of financial management and human resources. The Ministry of Justice operates under conditions of rapidly changing legislation. The proposed solution had to include not only efficient and effective mechanisms for data collecting and processing, analysis and reporting, but also the flexibility to adjust to changes in laws. This would not be possible without the implementation of an effective tool for the efficient collection of operational data from subordinate units, along with their processing and consolidation.

The tool facilitates the analysis and generation of statistical information. S&T won the EUR 6 million-contract based on a two-stage procedure within the context of a competitive tender carried out in accordance with the Public Procurement Law.

Currently in the courts there is an inconsistent variety of information systems which serve as the source of the data collected and processed at the Department of Statistics in the Ministry of Justice. In addition, the software used in the units comes from different vendors, with as many as 13% of departments not using electronic systems at all. In most cases, data from the systems implemented in the ministry are printed in the form of reports and entered manually into the statistical system.

The integrated system proposed by S&T will provide unified support for courts in the areas of accounting and human resources, as well as an effective reporting system. This will allow the Ministry of Justice to more effectively manage the resources in the courts.

"This project will improve the administrative and financial support systems for one of the main public authorities in our country," says Maciej Wiƛniewski, Managing Director of S&T Poland. "S&T has extensive experience in sophisticated ERP implementation and years of experience in working for large public sector organizations. We are pleased that the Ministry of Justice highly values the know-how of our experts and has assigned responsibility for such a demanding project to S&T," he added.

It is the biggest ERP agreement ever concluded by the Polish public administration.